Service Agreement

Customer Responsibilities

Ordering a sign post installation constitutes as your agreement to our policies, and to process your credit card for payment of installation and post maintenance.

Accounts 30 days past due are subject to a 3% interest charge.

  1. Reimburse Vancouver Island Sign Post for:
    • Any damaged, lost or stolen rental equipment (up to $100)
    • Fines resulting from incorrect placement of a post, as directed or moved by the property owner or agent
    • Facilitate the recovery of signs, posts and components
  2. Obtain authorization from strata for post installs and mark location
  3. Provide detailed, accurate and complete instructions for installation, including:
    • Address, parcel number, cross streets, map coordinates (as information is available)
    • Site markers for installation location
    • Telephone number on realtor sign
    • Billing telephone number
  4. It is Vancouver Island Sign Post policy that only employees remove or install our rented equipment. Our company is fully insured
  5. In the event that a property owner or tenant refuses access to the property for sign post installation, Vancouver Island Sign Post will immediately leave the property and advise agent. We reserve the right to refuse service at any location where a home owner may appear to pose risk to the safety of our staff. In this event, the agent will be charged a $25.00 service call fee
  6. The rental period of the sign post is until the property sells UP TO 6 MONTHS, or when the listing expires or is cancelled within the 6 month period. There is a $15.00 post reset/ maintenance fee after every 6 months. Posts will be removed from expired or cancelled listing immediately. A service call fee of $15.00 will apply to requests to change sign riders to SOLD, Post install is for one address only per order. Posts will be removed within 14 days of sale unless agent indicates earlier, but not later
  7. Agents must provide signage and leave it at the address for installation along with any sign riders. For Sale sign riders are provided by Vancouver Island Sign Post and are NOT TO BE REMOVED.

We provide 3 grommets at initial install. Additional grommets are an additional charge of $2.00 each.

Service calls to replace riders are subject to $15 service call fee. Orange Sold Stickers are not permitted on the sign posts. Damaged For Sale and Sold Riders are subject to $25 replacement fee.

Signs can be picked up at your office for a $25 service fee.

Vancouver Island Sign Post Responsibilities

  1. Install orders usually installed within 24 hours of receipt of service request. Orders must be received by 3 pm for next day service. Same day service is a $25 Rush Order.   Removals will be serviced within 48 - 72 hours.
  2. Follow all instructions from the customer as to location of placement, with regard for all ordinances and regulations
  3. In the event of sprinkler line damage, Vancouver Island Sign Post will make every attempt to repair the damage. If the damage is immediately observed by the installer, the repair will be made on the spot. If the damage is reported within 72 hours, an installer will return to the address to make repairs. Vancouver Island Sign Post does not accept responsibility for the cost of repairs if not given reasonable notice and time to remedy the situation
  4. Manage and provide storage for realtor signs prior to installation, for repeat customers. In the case of damage or loss prior to installation, provide compensation by replacing with a sign of comparable value.



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Service Agreement

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Our Customers Say

"I've been using Vancouver Island Sign Post for about a year now. Brad has a great product, and provides prompt personal service. I particularly like the photo notification he sends once the sign is installed."

Sincerely, Derek Braaten, Sutton West Coast Realty