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Stands up to summer heat, protects flyers from wind, sun and rain

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When choosing a sign post for your business - Keep it simple - Keep it VANCOUVER ISLAND SIGN POST!

Vancouver Island Sign Post’s product line offers a premium alternative to traditional wood and metal sign posts.

Our sign posts are a smooth one piece modern design developed from a rugged PVC which incorporates an information top pocket and optional brochure box with every post.

Don't confuse us with other manufacturers of PVC posts or traditional cedar posts. Our sign post is the toughest post sold on the market today. While other posts may eventually split or crack due to the elements or usage, our sign posts have a heavy wall thickness to prevent this damage.

Our products can be used by realtors, trades, or anyone who is looking for a well presented advertising display for their business.

We look forward to working with you for all your sign post needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:


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Our Customers Say

"I've been using Vancouver Island Sign Post for about a year now. Brad has a great product, and provides prompt personal service. I particularly like the photo notification he sends once the sign is installed."

Sincerely, Derek Braaten, Sutton West Coast Realty