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Vancouver Island Sign Post utilizes an online order entry system to ensure your service requests are processed accurately and in a timely manner. Online order processing benefits include:

  • Accurate and detailed information, reducing the amount of errors;
  • Convenience/Ease of Use, service requests can be made any time of day;
  • Cost Effective – omitting manual invoicing allows us to pass on the savings to you.

Orders can be next day with our online order system if ordered prior to 3pm. We complete work orders Monday through Saturday with the exception of Sundays and Holidays. The online order system automatically schedules your order for the next available service day, unless you have ordered RUSH service, which can be done same day if ordered before 3pm. Service order requests must be received before 3pm for next day service. The 3pm cut off allows us to properly process and distribute your orders efficiently.

In an effort to avoid property damage to sprinkler lines or other landscaping, it is recommended the property owner or agent place a marker to indicate the best place for the post location. The agent may also provide instructions on the service request.

In the absence of markers and/or written instructions, Vancouver Island Sign Post installers will use their best judgment for the placement of the sign post.

In the event of sprinkler line damage, Vancouver Island Sign Post will make every attempt to repair the damage on site if immediately observed by the installer. If the damage is reported within 72 hours, an installer will return to the address to make repairs. Vancouver Island Sign Post does not accept responsibility for the cost of repairs if the customer or property owner requests repair by anyone not employed by Vancouver Island Sign Post.

It is Vancouver Island Sign Post policy that only Vancouver Island Sign Post employees remove or install our rented equipment.

If it is requested that a post be reset or relocated after the initial install, Vancouver Island Sign Post will accommodate the request similarly to that of an installation request, with a reduced fee starting at $25.00 depending on location.

If the post is stolen, missing or broken, Vancouver Island Sign Post will charge a lost post fee of up to $100 and for an additional trip fee starting at $25.00 to place a new post on the property. The initial service agreement will remain in effect.

Vancouver Island Sign Post attempts to avoid miscommunication by having all orders submitted online. If Vancouver Island Sign Post has failed to follow the instructions provided on the Service Request, Vancouver Island Sign Post will return to the property to make corrections without additional charges. If the request for change is outside the scope of the initial Service Request, a trip charge starting at $25.00 will be assessed.

Vancouver Island Sign Post requests that you confirm with the owner and strata council that the post install is approved and the proper location to install. In the event that a property owner or tenant refuses access to the property for sign post installation, Vancouver Island Sign Post will contact the customer to advise of the situation. In lieu of the post installation fee, a trip charge of $25.00 will be charged. A new Service Request may be submitted when the issues are resolved.

The Vancouver Island Sign Post rental period is until the listing sells up to 6 months. After the first 6 months, a post maintenance fee of $15.00 plus tax will be charged for the next 6 month period, and each subsequent six month period. If multiple posts and/or wall spyders are installed, each item installed will be assessed a $15.00 plus tax fee.

Vancouver Island Sign Post utilizes state of the art Quik PostsTM and Quik-RingsTM to attach your signs to the sign post. The use of these components eliminates a risk of failure of our equipment. Should the holes in your sign fail and strip out, we will attempt to repair the sign. If that is not possible, we will gladly replace the sign with another of your stock signs. Our fee for this service will be limited to a trip charge, starting at $25.00.

Communication is one of the most critical factors to our success in completing your service request accurately and in a timely manner. To enhance this communication, it is requested that the customer provide a telephone number where the customer can be contacted during normal business hours.

It is Vancouver Island Sign Post policy that only Vancouver Island Sign Post employees remove or install our rented equipment. If a property owner or customer elects to make changes to the installation all liability for such action shall be the responsibility of the customer. City and Municipal regulations are in force to prevent accidents. Furthermore, sign posts must not be placed in easement areas, on municipal property or near corners.

Agent riders or realtor signs are provided by the Realtor. Vancouver Island Sign Post will maintain realtor signs (up to 6) and riders at our facility for installation with a service request for repeat customers. No additional fees are charged for storage.

Vancouver Island Sign Post order entry system sends a confirmation email to the person that placed the order showing the order type, the charges for the order.

Upon completion of the order we will send you a text photo of the installation to inform you that the installation was completed.

Reminder notices are sent to the person that placed the original order and the administrators of the account after 30 days of unpaid invoices.

It is the responsibility of the property owner and the agent to insure compliance with all Strata bylaws, rules and regulations. Upon ordering of posts, the agent must confirm that the strata allows signs posts on the property and the location must be clearly marked or indicated.

In the unlikely event that a post or installation component is damaged while installed on the property, Vancouver Island Sign Post will make every attempt to salvage the system. Fees for damage will be charged based on the degree of salvage ability, not to exceed the cost for lost post and/or components ($25-$100).


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Our Customers Say

"I've been using Vancouver Island Sign Post for about a year now. Brad has a great product, and provides prompt personal service. I particularly like the photo notification he sends once the sign is installed."

Sincerely, Derek Braaten, Sutton West Coast Realty